Real Estate: Definition, Types, and Differences from Property 2024Real Estate: Definition, Types, and Differences from Property 2024

Real Estate: Definition, Types, and Differences from Property 2024– real estate It is immovable property in the form of land, buildings and natural resources. In Indonesia, real estate It is also called real estate.

Generally owned real estate It can be used as a business and investment that can yield huge profits.

So, what is business? real estate along with Property investment? To understand real estate Let’s watch the full discussion below.

what’s that real estate?

real estate It is an English word that refers to property in buildings and land.

So it can be said that real estate Land and buildings on it as well as utilities connected to it, roads, canals, etc.

As Financial Services Authority (OJK) real estate Land and all physical assets attached to that land such as fences, buildings and other physical structures.

Legally, real estate means a piece of land and its surroundings, including physical assets and various projects on that land.

In other words, various items including water, plants, minerals and other immovable materials are available on the said land.

In the business sector, real estate is it. Property Considering its rapid growth based on demand, it can generate high profits in the long run.

Although the profit opportunities are great, business real estate It is very dangerous. A very high selling price can reduce consumer demand.

types real estate

There are many types real estate What you need to know to understand business needs in the land and construction sector. Following is an explanation of each.

  1. Residence

The first type real estate is it. Housing This means that land and buildings are places for people to live.

such as settlement or Residential real estate This can be owned by private or public institutions.

Some examples real estate In the form of settlements, houses, houses, flats, condominiums, flats (apartments) etc.

Although it is used as a residence, some Residential real estate It is also often used as a place for home businesses, e.g grocery store And Business Frozen food.

  1. Industrial

In addition to being used for residential purposes, real estate It can be used for profit.

Industrial real estate Focus on land use such as warehouses, factories, gardens, rice fields, etc.

Therefore, the main results of the business Industrial real estate It is engaged in the production, distribution and development of commercial activities occurring on the relevant land.

  1. Business

Business goals real estate Business is similar to the type of industry, i.e. profit or gain. However, the process itself is different Industrial real estate.

As the name suggests, Commercial real estate It means the use of land and buildings for business purposes that generate profit.

Some examples real estate For business purposes, these are shopping malls, hotels, lodgings, offices, markets, gas stations, etc.

Difference real estate and property

Basically, real estate and property are two similar things. But, if you look closely, these two things have significant differences.

real estate The land itself and the buildings standing on it are the physical objects on the land.

Meanwhile, property has a broader meaning. Property includes not only land and buildings but also ownership rights.

So it can be concluded. real estate It is part of the property. If a person owns land with or without buildings on it, that person has a right to the property.

For example, a person who owns an apartment is called an owner real estateBut he is not the owner of the property.

In the case of an apartment building, the land on which it is built is included in the property. Therefore, land and building ownership rights are two different things.

How to start a business real estate

These days, business real estate Increasingly promising profits due to high demand. Although the profit opportunities are great, there are business risks real estate Big enough.

So, you need to know the right steps to start a business real estate. Here are the main things you should pay attention to when starting a business real estate:

  1. Market research

Before going into business real estate, do market research first. Know the market share for the type real estate want

You can understand the pros and cons of some of them through market research real estate Existing business and business development direction.

  1. Create a strategy

Based on the research, create a strategy to run the business real estate. Determine the location of the site, calculate the costs and the process to be prepared.

The business processes themselves can be divided based on operational and maintenance needs real estate Related issues including handling Operational risk This can be.

  1. Prepare capital

If the strategy is prepared, the next step is to start a business real estate It is to prepare capital or financial support.

Capital to conduct business real estate It is very important. The bigger the project, the more capital is needed.

If the obtained capital is not enough for the needs, business development real estate There is also the risk of delay or failure to proceed.

  1. Provide an emergency fund

In addition to providing capital for business real estateemergency funds are also something to consider.

Contingency funds can cover unanticipated needs in land management and the purchase and sale of other additions under construction.

This is the discussion. real estate It can be a profitable business in the long run.

Are you interested in doing business? real estate? Make sure you arrange capital according to project needs so you can develop.

Don’t worry, the repayment amount is fixed per month. The vehicle can still be used during the loan period.

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